Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mummy & Daddy

This is my double page entry for "The Challenge Chicks" xmas Challenge. Its a 4 part challenge, this is the second part.
Its Rob's parents and the journalling says:
Mummy & Daddy
Daphne (Jones) & Byres William (Bill) Wyllie)
The main photo were taken at our wedding 0n 26th January 1980
The black & white photos are of their wedding on 30th June 1951
I met them in October 1977 after falling in love with their son Robert Bruce Wyllie
Mum & Dad had 5 Children
Coralie Susan, Philip William, Jennifer Dawn, Robert Bruce, Clifton James
It is now October 2009 and they have been married for 59 years
The big 60 coming up very soon
They are the best parents and in-laws a person could ever wish for.

Below is my first entry for the xmas challenge

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